Diane gives birth to a whole new way of thinking about parenthood. This is not another book about how to parent! Diane is the first to help people focus on everything they need to know BEFORE they become a parent and the first to focus on whether or not you should even have a child.

Other products and books on the market talk about what to do once you’re already pregnant or have kids - and that’s too late. She talks less about the stroller and baby clothes and more about the reality of how a baby changes your life forever.

The decision to have a child is the big decision you’ll ever make
- it’s bigger than getting married.

Millions of people want to have children but they have no idea what it really takes to raise them. Why? Because there are no resources available to help them navigate through this life changing decision. That is…until now.

This thought provoking book will help you decide if having a baby is right for you AND inspire you to think about things you’ve never considered so you’re not blindsided.

Being a parent is a one-way ticket to an unknown journey of a lifetime.
There’s no turning back, no refunds, no exchanges, and no do-overs.

Then why do some people spend more time planning a vacation or wedding than they do deciding if they should have a child?

Society glamorizes having a baby. Diane delivers a true dose of reality.

  • Is it true it costs $250,000 – $500,000 to raise a child from cradle to college?
  • Is it true your sex life ends when you have children?
  • How do men really feel about having children?

Read Baby Debate now to find out! There will be no pregnant pauses!