Diane was born in Chicago, Illinois and was adopted at birth. Her adopted parents passed away at a young age so she began raising herself since her young 20’s. Today, she’s a successful business woman with management experience working for Fortune 500 companies and she has an inspiring story to share.


Diane has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has done extensive research into the costs, benefits, and challenges of child-rearing. She helps people decide if they’re truly ready to be parents. She has watched parent/child relationships her entire life and can offer an invaluable and unique vantage point.


Diane has traveled to over 15 European countries. In addition to travel, she enjoys volunteering, listening to music and going to concerts, cooking, golf, and advocating for children.


Millions of people want kids but have no idea what they’re really getting into. Diane’s goal is to change this. It’s now her passion and mission to help parents realize what they’re getting into before they get into it, so the world will have happier healthier relationships and happier healthier children.


“May every child feel loved and wanted.”
~ Diane Polnow

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