“In Baby Debate, Diane in a straightforward, out loud kind of way what many people are too afraid to say even in a whisper. Her personal story makes the discussion in the book so much more compelling, which is why Diane is an expert worth listening to!”
– Randi Paige, TV Producer

“This information is SO needed.”
– Christine A

“This book and video should be played in every high school across America.”
– Liz M

“Finally someone is talking about this huge topic and saying things no one else will say.”
– Shelly R

“Thank you for helping make a positive change.”
– Kim C

“I love books that tell you what people think they know, but don’t fully understand. Baby Debate is a thoughtful reality journey anyone considering parenthood will want to take. Polnow examines what it truly means to become a parent—from costs to possible impact on your relationship. This is the “baby debate” you want to have whether you are on the fence or sure you want to be a parent.”
– Susan Newman, Ph.D.
Author of The Case for the Only Child: Your Essential Guide

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Baby Debate Book

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